Welcome to Asiatrend Marketing, your partner in high quality and industry-standard telecommunication products and services

For over two decades, Asiatrend Marketing, Inc. (ATMI) has been a reliable supplier to some of the top service providers in the TELCO industry. From a handful of clients when we started in 1997, ATMI has since expanded its reach, providing a wide range of high quality and cost effective products to our partners and clients nationwide.

We also guarantee a good customer experience in terms of product quality and availability, value for money as a result of operational efficiency with Asiatrend’s total solutions (check out our Bundled Solution and Vendor Managed Inventory compared to piecemeal approach), and the latest technology from our partners’ advanced research and development facilities.


A reliable Vendor-Managed Inventory Solutions Provider of a wide range of products to a wide spectrum of industries and diverse markets nationwide.


To provide our clients with customized solutions through streamlined and cost-effective inventory management and handling operations, in support of effective client-buying operations.