A B O U T   U S

Established in 1997, Asiatrend Marketing Inc. began as a pioneer in Broadcast and Telecommunications trading. Over the last two decades, we've evolved to provide a diverse range of services, including data communication, power systems, wireless technology, technical project management, and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions.

In the Construction industry, we've emerged to supply world-class, globally sourced building materials, furnishings, bath ware, and locally crafted woodworks.

Adding even more value, we now offer comprehensive software and hardware solutions in cybersecurity, IoT, telecommunications, data management, and automation. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we consistently deliver exceptional products and services to our valued clients.

O U R   V I S I O N

Key Driver for Innovative and Sustainable Future

O U R   M I S S I O N

To be of impact in the areas of W.H.E.E.L.
Wellness & Health, Education, Environment, and Livelihood

O U R   V A L U E S


Soar High

Our benchmark is the extraordinary


Exceptional Work

We go beyond the norms.


Ethical Leadership

We perform with strong adherence to honesty, reliability, and moral values.


Serve Others

We empower people to realize their God-Given Purpose and Value.



Collaborative synergy for collective success.