Premium Quality Products

We distribute quality food and non-food imported products and export Philippine pride products to various countries

Wellness within reach

We started initially with export business, bringing best of the best Philippine products known to the world. For we believe that businesses are bilateral, we did import business thereafter. Whether it is for import of food and non-food products, we are continuously doing our part for the betterment of the Filipino family and the Philippines economy through our Creating Shared Value.

Through Creating Shared Value, we provide the “W.H.E.E.L. (Wellness & Health, Education, Environment, Livelihood) of life” to aspiring entrepreneurs through our Mobile Store business model which is integral to our aim of nation building by starting with reaching out to our fellow countrymen and helping them achieve their dreams as well.

O U R   E X P O R T   B U S I N E S S

We bring world-class quality Philippine pride products to European market.

These include Our Products (Filipinas Delight), Fruit Preserves, Noodles, Condiments, Bagoong, Fresh Frozen Fruits & Vegetables, Native Delicacies, Dried & Smoke Fishes, and Traded products.

O U R   I M P O R T   B U S I N E S S

We source quality and low priced healthy food products from Poland and distribute and market them in the Philippines.

These products include Cereals, Fresh juices, Pastries, and Snack Foods.

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